Mixed Race

Please click on photo for coverage on mixed race topic, by Mr Muzzafar Khan.

Please click on photo for coverage on mixed race topic, by Mr Muzzafar Khan.



Kenya's ethnic Mchuzi Mix.


By: Benson Riungu


She is known simply as Santa, Santa wa Wanja if you insist. Clad in a sari, a headscarf and barefoot, the frail ageing woman comes as a surprise in a typically rural setting. Santa's home in Kianjai, some 20 km north of Meru town and known nationally as the home of miraa and violent tempers, would be more appropriate in the slum areas of major urban centres.


Rasna is fourth generation Kenyan Asian - her great-grandfather came here from Lahore, then part of India. When it became part of Pakistan her family lost their ancestral home.

Rasna Warah speaks English, Swahili and Punjabi; she dresses in the salwar kameez of Asia but wears African necklaces. In her flat in Nairobi, hear South African music on her CD, sit down on her Rajasthani mirror cushions and eat North Indian food - with a group of Sikhs, British friends, and her Kenyan African husband, Gray.

He has also invented the perfect African-Asian fusion food, so that they never fight about what they eat: maize meal with Indian sauces. In Rasna's flat the cultures sit happily together but in Kenya, as I found out, they do not.

There are only 70,000 Indians in Kenya - about a quarter of 1% of the population. The majority are descendants of the workers on the Mombasa-Kampala railway.