A Brief History of Brava, Somalia

Chinese sailors and historian wrote a brief history about costal cities of Somalia such as Mogadishu, Adale, Merca, Kismayo and Brava. It has been confirmed that around the beginning of 1400, a fleet of vessels used to visit and dock the southern cost of Somalia, particularly the harbor town of Brava.

According to the Chinese travelers, the city of Brava was surrounded by a wall and the houses where build with stone breaks. Farming and Fishing was the main resources for the people. The Chinese traders use to bring a lot of goods such as Silk clothing, kitchen utensils rice and various textiles. They in return take back valuable materials Tiger, Lion and other wild life animal coats, elephant tusks, fracases and myrrh, etc.


Barawa History | Qadis of the Banadir and Swahili Coast |

These two volumes present the contents of a huge register of court decisions (between 1893 and 1900) that the editors found in Barawa, one of the coastal Banadir towns in modern day southern Somalia. These towns were important entrepôts both economically and culturally for East Africa and the Indian Ocean. The records puts into perspective the daily journal of events in a typical Swahili town. In this video we explore and review the book and some cases we came across. Alessandra Vianello and Mohamed M. Kassim , eds. Servants of the Sharia: The Civil Register of the Qadis' Court of Brava, 1893–1900. 2 volumes. Leiden: Brill, 2006. xviii + 2185 pp. Maps. Illustrations. Appendixes. Glossary. Bibliography. General Index. Index of Personal Names. PURCHASE HERE:


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