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The World Clock – Time Zones

What time is it?  Saa ngapi?

In Swahili, the morning does not begin at midnight (12 AM); instead, it begins at 7:00 AM. Daytime revolves around the rising and setting of the sun, which typically begins to rise around 7 AM and set at 7 PM in the areas where Swahili is spoken. For English speakers, this can be confusing; however, those who learn how to tell time in Swahili will admit that it is more logical than the English system, in which midnight is considered "morning", even though no one begins their day at midnight.

So, to say the time in Swahili, you need to add (or subtract) 6 from the English time. 7:00 in America will be expressed as the first hour (1:00) in Swahili. AM is expressed with asubuhi (morning) and PM is typically marked with usiku (night). Because the daytime begins at 7 AM, hours from midnight to 6 AM will be expressed with usiku, as these are nighttime hours in Swahili. Jioni (evening) can be used in place of usiku for hours that are not so late, such as 7 PM.

7 o'clock AM saa moja asubuhi

The World Clock (Stats)

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The World Clock (Stats) Intro, Population (by demographic, by region), Mortality (By injury infectious diseases, non- communicable, other causes), illness (disease, injury), Environment, Energy (Fuels, Electricity),, Food, Economy, Crime :) It is not all bad news



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E-Fax & World Country Calling Codes, calling from and to which country:

We provide fast and accurate information on how to dial internationally from the USA, Canada and every other country in the world. Telephone country codes, international area codes, and reverse lookups are provided for every country in the world, in addition to the world time zone at each location.

Put down your phone book, stop calling the operator, and use Country Calling Codes any time you make a long distance call or need to provide your friend, family or customer with the correct international dialing codes.



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