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Mombasa Raha

Mombasa Raha
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Mombasa North Coast Info Portal

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Mombasa, Kenya

Attractions and things to do!

Welcome To Mombasa

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Mombasa Kenya:City Tour, Short Excursions



Mombasa is Kenya's main tourist destination. It is on the eastern coastline of Kenya, bordering the Indian Ocean which has made it a popular destination for its beaches. Mombasa offers a diverse marine life, world-class hotels and friendly atmosphere. There is tropical climate all year and is a great destination filled with activities for all ages.

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Moi International Airport


Moi International airport handles tremendous traffic with more than eighteen airlines flying directly from and to Europe, and offering connections to over twenty cities in the region. Mombasa region has remained attractive to tourist and it has eventually required that the airport be developed to handle long haul international flights


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Introduction to Mombasa


Mombasa is Kenya’s most popular tourist destination, located on the east coast bordering the spectacular Indian Ocean. With a heritage steeped in Portuguese, Arab and British history, Mombasa displays a diverse culture with many historical ruins and a beautiful Old Town.


The Arab influence in Mombasa can be seen in the traditional outfits worn by locals and by the hint of spice on the air wafting through the narrow winding streets of the Old Town. Exotic beaches, luxury hotels in Mombasa, an abundance of water-sports and shopping centres are modern additions to the city.


The large harbour is one of the city’s most eye catching sights where traditional dhows bob cheerfully on the ocean, evoking memories of times when merchants and migrants traded there.


Other things to do in Mombasa


With such a rich historical heritage, one of the best ways to get to know Mombasa is by walking its streets. The beautiful Old Town is filled with ancient Arab architecture and old forts but also with a lovely selection of local shops, souvenir stalls, markets and cafes, giving you plenty of opportunity for relaxation in between walking.


The Hindu Temples and Mombasa Tusks are famous sights in the area while the Bombolulu workshops are a wonderful way to see how local arts and crafts are made. Diani Beach and Tiwi Beach fulfil the promise of white sands and dazzling blue sea where you can bask in the sun or try out the various adrenalin fuelled water-sports available.


The Colobus Trust organise wonderful nature walks and hikes while Mtwapa Creek boasts colourful bird life, excellent mountain bike trails and lush tropical vegetation. Haller Park is a great place to take the family to see some unusual native wildlife. 


Eating and drinking in Mombasa


Mombasa’s cuisine ranges from Swahili and Japanese to Indian and Italian. From seaside restaurants to Middle Eastern cafes, Mombasa has an eclectic food scene. There are some fantastic seafood restaurants close to the harbour; a magical place to eat to watch the sun set across the magnificent Indian Ocean. Mombasa Town boasts lively bars and even late night clubs if you want to dance until the sun comes up. Great music and friendly locals will make any night one to remember in Mombasa.


Mombasa climate


Mombasa has a warm, humid, tropical climate where temperatures rarely dip below thirty degrees. April and May are the rainiest months of the year while January and February are the driest. The hottest temperatures are in the months of November to April.


When to go to Mombasa


If you want to avoid the rain, avoid April and May. The rest of the year remains virtually dry and hot and sunny, perfect for enjoy the beautiful beaches. If you want to come when there are fewer tourists, the best months are usually January through to May and then again after the busy summer season. June through to October see slightly cooler temperatures - around the mid-twenties, making sight-seeing a little more pleasurable. 


Flying to Mombasa


Mombasa Airport is just over eight kilometres from Mombasa town and can be reached by car and by bus in around twenty minutes.  International flights to Mombasa are limited, but Kenya Airways is the major airline that flies in and out of Mombasa, travelling to many European destinations.


The Old Town – a spectacular maze of narrow streets and beautiful ancient Arab architecture.


Old Town Mombasa


Fort Jesus – Mombasa’s most popular tourist attraction, this fort was built by the Portuguese in the 16th century


Fort Jesus, Mombasa, Kenya


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Mombasa Tusks – erected for the visit of Queen Victoria in 1952, these giant tusks create and ‘M’ for Mombasa and are one of the most famous sights in the city.







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Mombasa Provincial Headquarters-
Police 041 222121

 Hospital Details

 The Agakhan Hospital, Mombasa- 041 312953


 Coast Provincial Hospital, Mombasa- 041 763474
  Pandya Memorial Hospital, Mombasa- 041 312190

Airport (Mombasa)

 Moi International Airport- 041 822111 



County HQs ( Coast region) 999/ 020 3556769 (Control Room) Kilindini Division ( OCS PORT) 041 2112613


Coast: 0789999396 - 999 Control Room


Disaster Management Mombasa Hotlines - 0707 911 911, 0788 911 911, 0775 911 911, 0756 911 911 and email -


Mombasa Water Supply & Sanitation Company


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An Introduction to the County Governments of Kenya