Anyango (Mukoyama Eriko) - Jaugenya

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Anyango (Mukoyama Eriko) - Jaugenya

Anyango’s next performance will next be in Nairobi on the 29th November, at "The Go Down Art Center". Commences from: 15:30 pm.

Chakacha from Comoro

Chakacha Coast Dance

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Bi Kidude

Fatuma binti Baraka (c.1910s – 17 April 2013),[1][2] also known as Bi Kidude, was a Zanzibari-born Tanzanian Taarab singer. She is considered the undisputed queen of Taarab and Unyago music and was inspired by Siti binti Saad.

'Little Granny' of Zanzibar “Bi Kidude”


Bi Kidude the 'Little Granny' of Zanzibar, born Fatuma Binti Baraka in the early years of the 20th century, is a veritable musical memory bank. Her musical career started in the 1920s, when she walked from gig to gig across the length and breadth of what is now Tanzania. Hers is a truly remarkable story and these recordings, drawn from her vast repertoire, convey the essence of her magic.


Bi Kidude obituary

Enigmatic performer of taarab music and one of the first Zanzibari women to sing in public

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