Pioneer in Kenya's athletics Seraphino Antao, a champion

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Pioneer in Kenya's athletics Seraphino Antao, a champion


Seraphino Antao is the most accomplished sprinter Kenya has ever produced. He won the gold medal in the 100 yards and the 220 Yards at the 1962 Commonwealth games. In the process he became the first Kenyan ever to win a gold medal at a global event.

Athletics Kenya

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Athletics Kenya (AK) is the governing body for the sport of athletics (track and field) in Kenya. It is a member of the IAAF and Confederation of African Athletics. AK organises athletics competitions held in Kenya. It also sends Kenyan teams to international championships. Isaiah Kiplagat is the current chairman of Athletics Kenya. AK is headquartered in Riadha House, next to Nyayo National Stadium, Nairobi.



Famous Athletes from Kenya


List of the most popular, renowned or famous athletes from Kenya. List includes the most notable athletes from Kenya, along with photos when available. This list of Kenya athletes is alphabetical, but can be sorted by any column and answers the question "what famous athletes are from Kenya?".




My Personal Story


I was fortunate to meet up personally with the great man Kipchoge Keino, Henry Rono and many others who lived in or around Eldoret, Kapsabet and Nandi Hills, etc.

I first met Kipchoge Keino in 1980, he had a Sports Shop on the main street opposite the only cinema in Eldoret and was thrilled to have chatted to a mild mannered person and a decent being at that. After our initial meeting I met up with him on several other occasions.


My Uncle and Aunt have lived in Eldoret for many many years and there was a tale which always stuck in my mind” My Aunty loved gardening vegetables and as usual she was working away in her vegetation portion of the allotment and whilst working away one day she came across this man and greeted and started speaking to him from a distance, who was working away minding his own business in the adjacent plot of land to the back of my aunt’s house.


My Aunt called him over and after a brief conversation she asked this man proudly “do you know the owner of the plot and house you are working on, belongs to a famous man called Kipchoge Keino” and she started telling him how famous and wonderful this man was for Kenya and got carried away and with it, it virtually become an oration, this poor man stood there with respect listening to her going on for a few minutes and tried to intervene a few times, but those who know my my aunt, she is the type who just carries on and never stops once starts jabbering away.


After several minutes of her giving him an ear ache this man gathered up enough courage and told my aunt “Mama mimi nee Kipchoge Keino minywe”, (I am the very Kipchoge Keino you are talking about)


My aunt did not know where to put herself and that has always been an anecdote within the family for many years now.


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Mohamed Ahsan the legendary Speedway Motor Cycle Rider


Mohamed Ahsan with the largest and most coveted trophy he ever won during his racing career. He is wearing his famous helmet displaying his competition No.80. All the trophies won by Mohamed Ahsan and kept by his son and daughters as cherished memories of their late father.


Muzzafar Khan signs a copy of his memoirs "FROM THE LAND OF PASHTUNS TO THE LAND OF MAA" to Javed Ahsan the only son of the late Mohamed Ahsan the legendary Speedway motor cycle rider in Kenya in the 1950s.Looking on is Parvez Iqbal.

A Tribute to the Legendary Speedway Motorcycle Trials Rider: The Late Mohamed Ahsan.