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1891 - The History of the Mombasa Hospital begins in 1891 when the Imperial British East Africa Company, which had been granted its charter from Queen Victoria only three years earlier, received a substantial donation to build a Hospital. They chose to name it the English Hospital and they gave the running of it to the Holy Ghost Fathers of the Roman Catholic Church.  A two storey bungalow was adapted for use as a hospital with accommodation for about 12 patients.


When the Imperial British East Africa Company began to trade in East Africa in the early 1890s, there was a need for a hospital for Europeans, prone to fall sick so easily in a country with an unfamiliar climate, where malaria was still imperfectly understood. IBEAC appointed Dr WH Macdonald, registered as a medical doctor in Edinburgh in 1889, to be Mombasa’s doctor


Makadara: Mombasa’s century old hospital

MOMBASA, KENYA: When gunmen struck at a church in Likoni on the Sunday of March 23, the victims of the assault, including baby Satrin Osinya, were taken to the Coast Province General Hospital (CPGH), commonly referred to as Makadara by the locals.

The biggest referral hospital in Coast region and the second biggest public hospital in the country, Coast General Hospital can handle multiple casualties, in addition to the huge numbers pouring in to seek medical attention for various ailments.


The Mombasa Hospital Description, History, Facilities and Services, Career and Contacts

The Mombasa Hospital Description

The Mombasa Hospital is the oldest and largest private healthcare facility in the Coast Province of Kenya.Life as we know it, whether at an individual or organizational level, is centred on the premise that growth is a way of life and that we all must grow at all times. Yet growth does not simply mean making milestones and tallying profits, it is something beyond this.