The SS Kenya was built by the British India Steam Navigation Co.

The SS Kenya voyage for London sails from Mombasa on the 24th May 1963, names of the crew as well as first class and tourist class passenger list, sailing from Durban, Beira, Dar-es-Salaam Zanzibar and Mombasa..

Sir John. Maud and lady from Durban travelling in first class, the famous Karimjee and Lady, members of Jivanjee family from Zanzibar and another Karimjee and family from Mombasa all travelled in first class..

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The SS Kenya was built by the British India Steam Navigation Co., and entered service in August 1951. Alongside her sister ships, the SS Uganda, the SS Kenya travelled between Britain and East Africa via the Suez Canal. The journey took around 60 days and 4 voyages were completed each year.

The slightly larger Kenya and Uganda followed, being among the last of Britain's colonial ocean liners. Their purpose was to run the British India Line's home service from London to East Africa via the Suez Canal.

The dominant British political links with the area in the 1950's made the service successful and lucrative for the company. The regular ports of call from London were Gibraltar, Port Said, Aden, Mombasa, Dar es Salaam, Beira and Durban. The homeward voyage included those plus several additional ports.

This later pair were two class ocean liners, with the First class music room and veranda cafe, writing room, card room, smoking room, library, cocktail bar, ballroom and swimming pool all on Promenade Deck.

Most of the First class staterooms as well as the Tourist class lounge, smoking room and swimming pool were on A-Deck. Both classes had cabins on B-Deck and the dining rooms for both classes were on C-Deck. All the public rooms, both First and Tourist class, were panelled with wood veneers from all over the world.