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Alhumdullilah Today was the culmination of 54 years of Dua's and Efforts made by so many people that we are unable to Mention. We would like to thank all the brothers and sisters who contributed to wards this Nobel Cause JAZAKALLAH and may Allah give you in here and hereafter. The Masjid has resumed normal Service. Swaleh is being performed and also Jumah prayers will be done. Weekly meetings of Mawlid and Zikr will resume every Saturday Inshallah. JAZAKALLAH khairun.


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The mosque is a community based, independent and non-profit organisation funded by contributions from members. Running a charity of this size and complexity requires the dedication and support of a great many people and we cannot thank them all here- however our heartfelt thanks go to a great many people and organisations who provide time and dedicated support that makes all things possible.

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