Station Road, Mombasa

 A vibrant place, if you are a visitor or are a local to Mombasa, Blue Room area was the place to head for if you wanted something to eat, no matter what time, a lot of hotels and places to rest in this vicinity too.

Here we had wholesalers in this area, a driving instructors, a hospital behind Blue Room area as well as in the same block a Bust stop for travelling to Nairobi.

To the left were so many photo studios as well as shopping areas, this main road lead to Mombasa Railways station, Shri Cutch Satsang Swaminarayan Temple, Patel hall…etc

Photo is taken from Old Salim Road, nearby is also Masjid Konzi, 


In the distance looking Westerly area of Mombasa Island we can see that the hills on the main land rise from Mombasa Island at sea level to 210/230ft in altitude….